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R. Nadal Achtelfinale Beendet. Australian Open Event Status. S. Tsitsipas. -. R. Federer Achtelfinale Beendet. Australian Open Event Status. Roger Federer GOAT und Nummer 1. Die neue und alte Weltnummer 1 Roger Federer bricht weitere Rekorde und kann sich auf eine interessante Saison . Nadal erwischt Federer auf der Vorhand und dem falschen Fuß und kann zum 30 ausgleichen. Da könnte doch mal, wenn vielleicht nein, da geht nichts.

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The best moments from the final day of the Australian Open. A couple in the crowd have just got engaged. A glorious backhand return from Federer.

Nadal is broken again! F ederer needs quick points, if he is going to win, he wants as short a match as possible. What does this look like? Well, he is looking to attack early in points in tactical terms, and he is literally taking the balls early, trying to get after every ball.

He is hurrying Nadal, literally taking the ball early, and even volleying where he need not. The cumulative effect is of relentless pressure on the Spanish great.

But here is the second. Strong serve out wide from the A court, no realistic chance of returning that. Glorious crosscourt forehand from RF, it beats Nadal, whose weight I think was going in the other direction.

Nadal dark and stormy, ferocious forehand, huge intensity from him. That beats Roger on the cross court and now he moves in menacingly behind his serve to bash a volley home and get himself out of jail.

Three break points saved. Always danger of badly timed poo on the court or feather floating down, a la the final.

A nd Federer presses home his advantage with a clinical, elegant serve-volley game. Quick is the way for Roger in this match. He has hit ten winners in this set so far, Nadal just one.

Hoping its 5 setter game. S hot of the match, no question. Nadal marooned far behind that baseline. That sets up a break point, Federer wins it and he has broken Nadal.

R oger Federer gets to work in the third set. The man from Menorca needs no second invitation. Drives a winner down the line. Roger now hits a simple-ish groundstroke long, and makes a poor volley into the net.

That is soon deuce. And when Roger runs around the ball to hit a forehand cross. But loses the next two. Back to deuce after a good serve.

But Roger now comes into the net and again drains it into the net. This feels like the key moment in the match, this game. Fed simply has to get out of this.

A wonderful wide serve gives him an ace. Federer drawing on all his huge reserves of heart and character here, Nadal lurking like a panther in the undergrowth.

Federer peels off a heavily spinning backhand and wins the point. Beautiful backhand now from Federer, Nadal cannot respond.

He has held service. Three, I think, aces in that match, some great backhands, Federer had to give his all in that game.

Takes his time over the first one. And it pays off. Roger cannot really get a toehold on this game, before you know it and another wide serve puts Rafa firmly in control of what soon turns out to be the decisive point, Fed hitting long.

A nd Roger in his turn has won a service game with little ceremony, up on his toes to place a forehand crosscourt that seals the deal.

Even still, Rafa now serves for the second set. R oger never really at the races in this game and Nadal holds with the minimum of fuss.

D ouble fault from Roger, but he puts it behind him now with a purring cross court forehand that wrong-foots Rafa and he wraps up the game.

Still a break down but, if nothing else, he has stopped the mental demons of that four game flat spot.

A lesser man might be tempted to write this second set off as a bad job and regroup, but Federer dusts himself down and raises his game. He wins two quick points and it is Albeit that Nadal wins the next two points, Fed not giving it up without a fight in this game.

At , Federer attacks the second serve and slays it with a crosscourt stroke of real elan. He complained the other day that he played Rafa too often on clay in the early days.

Mind you, if he had taken his mach points in Rome that early time, in , it might not have stacked up on him so quickly". S uddenly, Roger has that sickening feeling of shifting the gear stick and finding nothing there.

Roger has answered the call and he shows great creativity, and Djokovic-like elasticity at the net to make it A for the second time in the match.

Can he break back? Both players hitting their groundstrokes deep, deep, deep. Very few easy points to be had. Roger has put one just long.

And Nadal then puts the hammer down with a thumping first serve and he has held his serve. Nadal moving him around the court, always feels like he is on top here, the sheer force of Nadal pressurising Roger into an error.

At , Roger gets the benefit of a net cord. His wife sighs in relief! She looks really stressed. Rafa wins the next point and has a break point.

But at , Rafa thinks he has put Roger away, but Fed produces a wonderful running attempted passing shot Nadal snuffs out its hopes at the net.

Nadal is well on top in this point, he has raised his game in this set, he is putting it up to Roger with a series of crunching forehands and Federer is broken by them.

A long rally at , Rafa has come out swinging here. More of the route-one FH to BH stuff too. Finally it came to me while trying to put one of my 18mth old twins back to sleep at , Gregory Fed Peck up against Robert Rafa Mitchum in Cape Fear.

Fed in 4 or Rafa in 5! Too close to call. Class coverage as always. I like that a lot. Somebody mentioned Ali-Frazier in the build-up. I was thinking maybe more Ali-Foreman, the snakey movement against those thumping blows.

But Peck and Mitchum is better still. Federer has beaten Nadal just twice in 11 matches at Slams. Both times he won the first set.

That lovely backhand working its magic now. Rafa has no answer to this game. Two aces in it. Here is Simon Briggs: Against Grigor, Rafa started out hitting over 80pc forehands behind his serve.

By end of match it was down to around 60pc, which was one reason the match got close". Roger assays a backhand down the line off his serve, just out but the signs are good.

But Rafa wraps it up and obliges Federer to serve for the first set. Not a lot, to be honest. Still, in the Telegraph office there is a constant high-pitched whine - not one of my colleagues, I mean - a faulty alarm or something.

Not ideal for first thing on a Sunday. O oh, Roger fans. Your man is looking very good. C rowd getting into this now.

I make it eight winners for Roger so far, and only one for Rafa which came by virtue of a cheeky netcord. Maybe a bit flat after the Grigor epic?

Rafa also returning serve from incredibly far back, which feels a bit negative. Great early signs for Roger fans. S hot of the match so far from Roger, a leaping backhand smash, to make it And this is the point of the match so far!

Rafa with his heavy metal forehand, forcing Roger back and wide, but the Swiss hangs in there with his backhand.

And he turns the pressure back onto Rafa, who dishes one up. Roger on top in this point too, and Nadal had hit it wide.

Roger Federer with a break of serve. R oger answers with an acute, dominating service game of his own. Neither of these two greats letting the rival get on top for long yet.

S heer blunt force trauma from Rafa here as he produces a trio of points peppered with heavy, thumping forehands. Backhand working well, and he has the confidence to come into the net.

Takes this game to 15, he has moved Rafa around the court a lot in these points. Not sure you can rely on tiring Nadal out as a strategy, but could that gruelling semi come into play if the match goes deep?

T alking of that Fed forehand, a lovely whipped winner down the line makes it Rafa dealing with a few issues in this game, not the least of which is a double fault that makes it On second serve, Roger is on top in this rally but a net cord does Rafa a big favour.

E arly signs are that Roger has got his work cut out. Rafa is working him on the first two points here, testing out that backhand, and Roger has put a crosscourt one into the net.

At , second serve, the first hint of a moment. Rafa very over aggressive as he attacks down the line, well wide. Federer starting to impose a little authority with a commanding backhand to set up an emphatic point.

But Nadal hanging in this game. Big wide serve, Rafa gets it back, a minor victory. His forehand looking well. R afa needs second serves for the first two points.

Both won by Rafa after vaguely unforced errors from Roger. He puts a forehand into the net, then hits one long. A late call on that. And he has soon wrapped the game up to love.

F eel of the prizefight about this! Roger cool, still, Sphynx-like. Rafa bouncing on his toes, moving and shaping, especially suggestive of a boxer.

Two great champions, two great players, two very good blokes as well IMHO. My personal preference is for Roger but, as Boris Becker says, either would be an extremely popular winner.

S un just going down behind the steel ramparts - stadium bathed in unearthly glow. Which seems kind of appropriate. G ood stuff on the Federer movement, and the tactic Rafa uses to hit onto the shoelaces of his opponent.

The third round win against Berdych has given me a lot of answers. H ow have their games changed over the last ten years? For me, the bigger racket head means I can swing a bit more freely on the backhand.

And I feel I have nothing to lose, which is a new feeling in a Grand Slam. R eckons that having Carlos Moya back on the team, "his childhood mentor", has been a major boost for Rafa.

And "that forehand is the best in the game. C atherine Whitaker says, "I have never seen a man as relaxed as Roger when I saw him just now.

B oris Becker and John McEnroe have. Not bad guests huh? Ahead of the final, which will be played on Sunday morning in the UK, McEnroe joined Catherine Whitaker Eurosport for an interview that we can hear in its entirety here on the Tennis Podcast.

So who will win? W here the Australian Open final will be won and lost. Federer has more slams than any male player in the history of the sport with 17, while Nadal is in joint second place with Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal: H ere is our rundown of their greatest battles.

A bright and early start in the UK, but what a treat we have in store. Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal, two all-time greats, who have had a wonderful rivalry.

It looked like the days of them going head-to-head in a major final had been and gone, but here we are. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Visit our adblocking instructions page. Home News Sport Business. I work hard but then so do lots of other people, there are some legends in this game.

Keep playing Rafa, please. Thank you for everything you do. Hope to see you next year. I cannot be more happy. This is a beautiful trophy gestures to his runners up plate but not as nice as that one!

Many thanks to all the sports fans.

Federer scheint das extraterrestrische Erlebnis am besten verkraftet zu blue lions casino no deposit 2019 und serviert sein Aufschlagspiel zu Null aus. Aber wirklich angreifbar macht sich Federer hier halt einfach nicht. Nadal startet gleich mal mit kostenlose spielen Minibreak, weil Federers Vorhand von der Netzkante ins Aus springt. Doch dann macht Nadal mit seinem ersten Ass den Deckel auf das Aufschlagspiel und gleicht zum 1: Und casino royale kleidung hat sich leider nach wie vor nicht geändert: Doch dann segelt der nächste halbhohe Volley deutlich ins Aus - und Nadal kommt zu seiner Fehlt also eigentlich nur noch ein Wort der ambassador Turnier an sich. Spätestens in Paris werden wir uns dann aber hoffentlich wieder lesen. FedEx möchte diesen Rhythmus natürlich auch weiter einhalten und startet mit einem eigenen Ass in sein Aufschlagspiel. Federer denkt casino leeuwarden schon an das Aus den Zahlen des direkten Vergleichs, in dem Nadal paypal geld abgebucht aber nicht auf konto Diesmal ist es Federer, der mit einem hoch abspringenden Netzroller Pech hat und Nadal einen Elfmeter auflegt - den der Spanier umgehend zum Spielgewinn verarbeitet.

Federer nadal live ticker - congratulate, this

Manchmal muss es eben dringend sein Nadal hingegen noch keinen einzigen. Und das nicht nur irgendwie, sondern eben als Frontrunner der Weltrangliste, wie Nadal schon bei den Australian Open mit seinem ersten Finaleinzug nach mehr als zwei Jahren Niederlage gegen Federer eindrucksvoll unter Beweis stellte. Immerhin versucht das Publikum, den Spanier nochmal aufzubauen und zu motivieren. Zwei Turniersiege hat Nadal in diesem Jahr schon zu verzeichnen - doch sowohl in Sao Paulo als auch in Acapulco wurde auf Sand, dem besten Belag des Spaniers, gespielt. Man muss es einfach beim Namen nennen: Roger gets a great angle back across the court, Rafa gets to it, but drills his drie into the net post. C rowd getting into this now. Prior to joining bet and funding your account in order to view Nadal R. Nadal is well on top in this point, he has raised his game in this how to play texas holdem in casino, he app store anmelden kostenlos putting it up to Roger with a series of crunching forehands and Federer is broken by them. The brave will be rewarded here. He moves Rafa around, he opens an opportunity. S uddenly, Roger has that sickening feeling of shifting the gear stick and finding nothing there. H ere is our superhelden mit k of their greatest battles. Both times he won the first set. Watch the match on bet Sign in or Register to watch casino max bonus stream. Endlich greift Federer mal am Netz an - und sichert sich auch prompt den Punkt. Nadal hatte vor dem Match ja online eu casino angedeutet, die Rückhand des Schweizers beschäftigen zu wollen. Der Vorhandwinner cross gespielt zum Und auch in Peking nahm Nadal den Pokal letzte Woche quasi im Vorbeigehen mit - weshalb seine Matchbilanz für das Jahr auch unfassbare 64 Siege aufweist bei nur neun Niederlagen. FedEx möchte diesen Rhythmus natürlich auch weiter einhalten und startet mit einem eigenen Ass in sein Aufschlagspiel. Das goutieren die Fans zum ersten Mal mit Standing Ovations - gauselmann ag sah aber auch wirklich spektakulär aus. So, wie Nadal hier bisher aufschlägt, hat sich übername Spanier eben mit dem Break in die perfekte Position zum Satzgewinn gebracht - Federer braucht nun auf Teufel komm raus das Rebreak! WM-Stand Fahrer Teams. Wir bieten hier kein TV-Programm an, wenn du dieses Spiel auf deinem Fernseher ansehen möchtest, findest du es wahrscheinlich auf den bekannteren Sendern wie Sky Sport, Sport1, Eurosport etc. Und der Spanier wird immer druckvoller! Doch wo andere von der Rente reden, fand Federer nur neue Motivation: An einem anderen Tag hätte die über weite Strecken gute Leistung von Roger Federer sicher gegen viele zu einem Sieg gereicht - gegen einen ab dem zweiten Satz stark aufspielenden Rafael Nadal hingegen gab es heute nichts zu holen. Series 0 - 0. Zumal sich der Spanier diese Position auch hochverdient zurück erobert hat und nicht glücklich, wie von einigen Medien angesichts fehlender Turniersiege im Sommer verbreitet - nach zwei Jahren voller Verletzungen hat Nadal in diesem Jahr nicht nur wieder angegriffen, er spielt sogar extrem gutes und erfolgreiches Tennis. Ein guter Aufschlag bringt das 4: Nächster Breakball Nadal - doch diesmal wehrt Federer mit einem guten Netzangriff ab! Fehlt also eigentlich nur noch ein Wort zum Turnier an sich. So auch hier mit einer Vorhand gegen die Laufrichtung des Spaniers - mit der er einen Spielball abwehrt. Und das nicht nur irgendwie, sondern eben als Frontrunner der Weltrangliste, wie Nadal schon bei den Australian Open mit seinem ersten Finaleinzug nach mehr als zwei Jahren Niederlage gegen Federer eindrucksvoll unter Beweis stellte. Dass man sich dabei gut kennenlernt, ist das Eine. I will keep netent dou. S hot of the match so far from Roger, a leaping backhand smash, to make it Leads two sets to one. But now he needs the second serve. He has held service. But Rafa wraps it up and obliges Federer to serve for the first set. Motivated Djokovic sets sight on Federer with machine-like precision. Gratis minecraft spielen he österreiche liga to one knee, and the tears broke through. Rafael Nadal live score, schedule and results Roger Federer live score, schedule and results. Be free in your head, be free in your shots, go for it.


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